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Overall, jewelry never goes out of style. Whatever the decade or the trend, the unique designs of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings have served as both centerpieces and everyday accessories. Whether it’s pearls, gold, silver, rose gold, diamonds or anything else, a good piece of jewelry can stand on its own, complement your outfit, and add the right amount of elegance and style. ‘shine. As much as we love our everyday pieces, however, we are always on the lookout for new ones to add to our collection, ones that we hope we can pass on as heirlooms. And so, more often than not, to acquire a piece that will outlast trends and generations, you need to invest in designer jewelry brands.

Whether it’s a famous Cartier Love bracelet or a classic Mikimoto pearl necklace, there are so many designers who raise jewelry and create pieces that are worth every penny. In order to streamline the best designer jewelry brands on the market for you, we’ve decided to put the top 10 in this article. From brands whose clothes you already love (hello, Hermès and Chanel) to brands that have been perfecting their craft for so many years, be sure to remember them.

1. Tiffany & Co.

Blame it on Audrey Hepburn’s classic film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but there is something undeniably timeless about this centuries-old jewelry designer.

Tiffany and company. HardWear 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet ($ 841)

If you didn’t know, chain jewelry is a big trend for 2021.

Tiffany and company. T Wire 18k Rose Gold Narrow Bracelet ($ 1,230)

A classic Tiffany piece.

Tiffany and company Atlas 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet with Pierced Diamonds ($ 706)

Truly timeless.

2. Cartier

Another classic jewelry brand is Cartier. Get one of her iconic Love bracelets or something classic like a necklace.

Cartier Love Bracelet ($ 6,070)

Not a TSA compatible bracelet, but still very pretty.

Cartier Diamants Légers necklace in 18k rose gold ($ 1,015)

A necklace that will last forever.

Cartier Trinity de Cartier earrings in 18k three-tone gold ($ 1990)

So beautiful.

3. David Yurman

David Yurman first appeared on the jewelry scene in 1980, but that didn’t stop him from creating pieces meant to stay in your jewelry box forever. If you’re buying your first piece, go for something that features the brand’s signature rope-style twist.

David Yurman Cross Bar Necklace with Diamonds ($ 1250)

Silver + diamonds = a combination made in jewelry heaven.

David Yurman Pinky Initial Ring in 18k Yellow Gold with Diamonds ($ 1,250)

A future family heritage.

David Yurman Cable Spira Bracelet in 18k Gold, 4mm ($ 1,500)

This bracelet is worth the investment.

4. Mikimoto

If you are not familiar with Mikimoto, he is about to become one of your favorite designers. The founder of the Japanese jewelry brand is known as the first to create cultured pearls, which means you know this brand is among the best around.

Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant Necklace ($ 690)

A true classic.

Mikimoto Classic Cultured Pearl Hoop Earrings ($ 1300)

We are always on the lookout for an interesting pearl earring.

Mikimoto Every Essentials Cultured Pearl Bracelet ($ 1,430)

You never have enough pearls.

5. Gucci

If there’s one thing Gucci can do, it’s design great accessories. They may be best known for their bags and shoes, but the selection of understated fine jewelry is not to be missed.

Gucci Icon Bracelet in 18k Gold with Diamonds ($ 6,600)

This is the little star pattern for me.

Gucci GG Running 18-karat white gold diamond earrings ($ 2,100)

These are much more delicate than they appear.

Gucci 18k Gold Running Ring ($ 710)

A cool addition to your everyday stack of rings.

6. Bulgarian

If you’re looking for something more exotic than your classic gemstones, Bulgari’s pieces look like the ones Cleopatra might wear if she were alive today.

Bulgari Tubogas Bypass Heart Ring in 18k Yellow Gold ($ 2,370)

This is easily one of the coolest rings you’ll ever get.

Bulgari Divas’ Dream Necklace in 18k Rose Gold with Onyx and Black Diamonds ($ 1,805)

We love the fan shaped pendant on this necklace.

Bulgari Seven Station Mixed Cabochon Gemstone Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold ($ 36,510)

So colorful and pretty.

7. Harry Winston

Could there be anything more worthy of lust than something from Harry Winston? As the brand responsible for some of the most famous diamonds to date, there is no doubt that any designer piece is worth the investment.

Harry winston Diamond link ($ 0)

The brighter it is, the better.

Price available on request from the brand.

Harry winston Pear Shaped Diamond Solitaire Pendant ($ 0)

Go for a classic pear-shaped diamond.

Price available on request from the brand.

Harry winston Diamond and ruby ​​dangling earrings ($ 0)

We are in love with these dangling earrings.

Price available on request from the brand.

8. Founders

Foundrae cigar rings, necklaces and earrings feature iconic spiritual and mystical symbols that “allow the wearer to express something of themselves to the world.”

Foundrae Balance 18-karat gold diamond ring ($ 3,995)

A beautiful reinvention of a classic signet ring.

Foundrae 18k Gold Malachite Bracelet ($ 6,330)

Malachite is very present at the moment.

Foundrae Mini Heart Love Token Necklace in 18k Gold and Enamel ($ 1,595)

Like nothing else in your collection.

9. Hermes

When it comes to luxury, no one does it like Hermès. Of course, you know the brand for their iconic Birkin bag, but they also have some amazing jewelry worthy of a place in your collection.

Hermes Kelly bracelet, small model ($ 8,350)

When an iconic bag becomes a bracelet.

Hermes Chained Anchor Chain Ring, Small ($ 1950)

What is the quality of this ring?

Hermes Finesse earrings ($ 7,250)

You will never want to take them off again.

10. Chopard

You may be familiar with Chopard with its luxury watches, which feature the brand’s Happy Diamonds signature. Well, her jewelry is just as cool. Whether you opt for a coin featuring the Happy Diamonds or not, these coins are sure to stand out.

Chopard Happy Hearts ring in 18k rose gold, diamonds and onyx ($ 1,720)

So cute.

Chopard Happy Diamonds 18k White Gold Diamond Bracelet ($ 4,200)

Add this bracelet to your collection.

Chopard Happy Dreams 18k Rose Gold Diamond Earrings ($ 3,800)

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping pair of earrings, this is the one for you.

11. Chanel

No matter what you get from Chanel, be it a classic handbag, a ready-to-wear piece or something else, you know it will be the epitome of chic. If you are looking for something to wear every day, adopt the famous fashion house with a shiny ball.

Chanel Comète Perlée long necklace ($ 45,400)

Delicate and pretty.

Chanel Camellia Print Bracelet ($ 24,500)

Such a beautiful statement bracelet.

Chanel Coco Crush Ring ($ 1250)

This ring is a forever piece.

12. Van Cleef & Arpels

French luxury jewelry and watch designer Van Cleef & Arpels brings a unique and old-school touch to all of his pieces. If you’re not sure where to start, get something that showcases the brand’s classic shamrock motif, or a simple bracelet to wear with all of your outfits. There is no problem here.

Van Cleef & Arpels Pearl Clovers Ring ($ 14,300)

It is also this one.

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivolous Clip Pendant ($ 36,500)

This necklace will make you feel like royalty.

Van Cleef & Arpels Pave Diamond Perlée Ring ($ 27,400)

And this diamond bracelet too.

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14 best jewelry brands: Monica Vinader, Mejuri, Jennifer Behr and more Thu, 16 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Inject a simple jeans and tee look with a little punch isn’t the easiest task, unless, of course, you have the best jewelry brands at your fingertips. There’s a reason jewelry is generally considered the finishing touch – everything from hugs to pendant necklaces and even dainty earrings can add a bit of sparkle to what’s otherwise dull, and while classic jewelry brands like Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. are undoubtedly the heavyweights, they are not your only option. Thanks to the rising stars of jewelry, there is a lot of shine to be made. Upcoming, the best jewelry brands you should pay special attention to.

Monique Vinader

Monica Vinader’s name might remind you of the royal family, as Kate Middleton (who wore the Siren earrings, below) and Meghan Markle (a fan of the bracelets) have been seen wearing her pieces. But there’s a lot more to it than just being a palate favorite. In 2020, the brand turned to sustainability and began to favor materials like recycled sterling silver and recycled gold vermeil, as well as diamonds, gemstones and pearls from sustainable sources.

Monica Vinader mermaid thread earrings

Monica Vinader Baroque pearl earrings Doina

Monica Vinader Baroque pearl earrings Doina

Monica Vinader Alta Capture Charm Bracelet

Monica Vinader Alta Capture Charm Bracelet

Monica Vinader signature thin bracelet

Monica Vinader signature thin bracelet


Many brands prioritize lab-grown diamonds because they use sustainable ingredients and are cheaper than mined diamonds. This is precisely why Idyl, an emerging brand of modular jewelry based in Belgium, only offers lab-grown diamonds in its handmade pieces. (For the uninitiated, the modular design means you can start with a basic piece and mix and match complements for an almost custom look.) With stars like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Jamie Chung all wearing Idyl, this is a name that won’t stay small for long.

Idyl the hybrid set
Charm Idyl Laila with chain

Charm Idyl Laila with chain

Idyl Lucia earring
Idyl Apollo earring

Studio Kinn

This Kinn brand owned by AAPI aims to bring you the classics. These everyday heirloom-inspired herringbone chains and signet rings look decades old – and you could keep them that long. We especially like the brand’s anklet as a subtle nod to the ’90s time. (But you can check out Delia’s full catalog adding thin, soft socks and low laces.)

Kinn Micro Rolo ankle bracelet
Small Kinn signet ring
Kinn Carter Flat Herringbone Chain II

Kinn Carter Flat Herringbone Chain II

Classic Kinn Hoop Earrings

Classic Kinn Hoop Earrings


Who taps twice every time they see Christina Tung’s SVNR mark appear in their newsfeed? (Guilty.) It’s understandable: SVNR’s playful designs (think milky quartz earrings or pastel rainbow necklace) are a feast for the eyes. But that’s not the only reason they deserve a place in your jewelry box. The designer concerned with sustainable development too works with used and recycled materials to create statement pieces you’ll reach for when you’re in the mood to stand out.

SVNR Amalfi Necklace
Hilo SVNR Earring
SVNR Pi Max Hoop
Bangalore SVNR Earring

Jennifer behr

Gossip Girl may be partly responsible for putting designer Jennifer Behr on the map – our favorite moody debutante Leighton Meester loved herself an intricate Behr headband – but the designer’s wedding-worthy ethereal hair accessories and jewelry kept her on top. Since 2005, the Brooklyn-based jeweler has continued to create pieces that look dreamy but still have that downtown touch.

Jennifer Behr Lauryn Earrings

Jennifer Behr Lauryn Earrings

Jennifer Behr Gemma Hairpin

Jennifer Behr Gemma Hairpin

Jennifer Behr Rhéa Necklace

Jennifer Behr Rhéa Necklace

Jennifer Behr Tara Hoops


You might already be a fan of Mejuri’s understated aesthetic, but we still stock everything from layered rings to tennis bracelets. CEO Noura Sakkijha co-founded the brand with her husband, and together they’ve created coveted direct-to-consumer pieces that are worth all the credit on the street, in part because they seem a lot more expensive than they are. Expect everyday, trendy jewelry that is surprisingly affordable.

Mejuri pavé diamond bar bracelet

Mejuri pavé diamond bar bracelet

Mejuri diamond letter pendant

Mejuri diamond letter pendant

Mejuri Heritage Ring
Creole Crescent Dome Mejuri

Creole Crescent Dome Mejuri


True diamonds are cultivated in an energy efficient smelter in the West Pacific, then cut and polished to the highest standards by top cutters in Belgium. The result? Truly breathtaking pieces, from carats for special occasions to everyday must-haves. The process of buying engagement rings is specific enough to satisfy even the most discerning of us. You just need to choose from 15 shapes (round, oval, pear, baguette, emerald, marquise, etc.), then choose from three metal bands.

Bracelet REAL x Bottle

Bracelet Real x Bottle

REAL Pave Huggie Hoop
VRAI mixed cuff ring
VRAI Petite Station Necklace

Vrai Petite Station Necklace

Ten Wilde

If you get the West Coast feeling looking at Tenisha Wilde’s all-gold line, you’d be right: Ten Wilde is practically a showcase for its California roots (it’s from NorCal). Pieces are versatile while still feeling elevated, ranging from gold hoops to medallion pearl necklaces that easily enhance casual looks.

Ten Wilde Stackable Ring in 14k Gold

Ten Wilde Stackable Ring in 14k Gold

Ten Wilde Ophélie chain
Ten Wilde Large Orb Hoops

Ten Wilde Large Orb Hoops

Ten Wilde Locket Pearl Necklace

Ten Wilde Locket Pearl Necklace


Part ear piercing studio and part jewelry brand (he did Kaia Gerber’s snakebites a few years ago), Studs is the place to go for those intricate piercings that go up your lobe. You will find, yes, nails of all styles, from conch to helix to piercings, all at affordable prices. The brand is based in New York, so naturally you will find small designs of MTA cards and bodega coffee mugs among its many offers.

Princess nails 18k mini nails

Princess nails 18k mini nails

Studs Chain Stud
The Big Apple Nail Set
Starburst Studs Single Stud

Starburst Studs Single Stud


The Gorjana jewelry line is one that you have probably seen in nature. He’s incredibly popular among the big names (Michelle Obama is a fan, NBD) with zodiac coin necklaces, rose gold signet rings, and jewel-toned studs leading the charge. Start the overlay and build your lustful Of the.

Gorjana Parker Layer Set

Gorjana Parker Layer Set

Gorjana Diamond Stacking Ring

Gorjana Diamond Stacking Ring

Gorjana Blue Sapphire Trinity Studs

Gorjana Blue Sapphire Trinity Studs

Gorjana Venice adjustable snake link chain bracelet

Luv AJ

It’s hard to believe that cool Los Angeles girl Amanda Thomas launched her brand Luv AJ over 15 years ago. It is always so fresh and relevant. You won’t catch any minimalist vibes here; its aesthetic is more daring bling than anything else. Think of it as the ultimate outing shine, as a star shaped door knocker set or double piece charm necklace is hard to compete with.

Luv AJ x Revolve Double Coin Charm Necklace

Luv AJ x Revolve Double Coin Charm Necklace

Luv AJ Pave trombone earrings

Luv AJ Pave trombone earrings

Luv AJ Pave Star Hoops
Luv AJ two-tone watch strap

Luv AJ two-tone watch strap

Lele sadoughi

While Lele Sadoughi is pretty much the queen of ’80s-inspired headbands, which you can find adorned with pearls, crystals, and bows, she’s done more than just produce fancy hair accessories. The designer honed her craft skills at J.Crew, where she helped launch her own jewelry line, before going on her own in 2012. Nowadays, you’ll find her playing with color and texture in every piece of jewelry she creates.

Lele Sadoughi spurs ear studs

Lele Sadoughi spurs ear studs

Lele Sadoughi Ashford heart earrings

Lele Sadoughi Ashford heart earrings

Lele Sadoughi Stacked Stones Cord Bracelet

Lele Sadoughi Stacked Stones Cord Bracelet

Lele Sadoughi Imitation Pearl Medium Hoops

Lele Sadoughi Imitation Pearl Medium Hoops


On a trip to Ethiopia, the founders of Able met and trained two former sex workers to make scarves to help them earn a salary. Scarves took off and Able quickly established themselves as a pioneer in ethical fashion, ensuring a living wage for all employees, even while sharing those wages with the public. The Nashville-based brand opened a second headquarters in Ethiopia and has since expanded into delicate, minimalist shoes, clothing and jewelry, so you can buy your hugs and feel great too.

Phrase Able Necklace
Able Pearl Huggie Hoops
Capable X Ring
Capable letter necklace

Light box

Whether you are looking for diamond rings or just swapping bracelets for high quality bar bracelets, Lightbox is the place to be for lab grown diamonds. All diamonds over .20 carats have been subject to quality control by the brand, which even provides proof of this; the mark uses a laser inscription to identify that each rock has been inspected for cut, color, clarity and, of course, carat. Keep an eye out for the half carate pierced pendant set in sparkling white gold – it’s a real sparkler.

14k Princess Cut Gold Pendant with Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lightbox 14k Gold Princess Cut Diamond Pendant

Diamond grown in laboratory 1 / 8ct.  Mini Round Gloss Solitaire Nail

1/8 Carat Mini Round Brilliant Solitaire Nail with Lightbox Lab Grown Diamonds

Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond 1 / 2ct.  Pierced Gold Pendant

Lightbox 1/2 karat pierced gold pendant with lab-grown diamonds

Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Bar Bracelet

Lightbox Lab Grown Diamond Bar Bracelet

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3D Systems (DDD) launches wax material for jewelry design Mon, 13 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Last week, 3d systems DDD has released a new material – VisiJet Wax Jewel Red – for jewelry makers to design and produce more intricate designs. The company plans to make the product available to customers starting September 20.

The new VisiJet Wax Jewel Red material is specially developed to meet the needs of jewelry makers producing models that include fusion and setting designs. The material unlocks design styles for 100% wax casting, while improving production efficiency and reducing waste.

3D Systems claims that the VisiJet Wax Jewel Red material integrates seamlessly with the company’s 3D wax printing technology and additive manufacturing software. This conjunction gives jewelry makers greater design freedom and makes it easier to print and mold designs on the same day, eliminating tooling time and costs.

3D printing technology has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing and improve the commercial space. Various companies, from hospital managers to automakers, are now opting for varied 3D solutions to meet simple make-to-stock orders as well as complex engineer-to-order production strategies.

3D Systems Corporation Price and Consensus

3D Systems Corporation price-consensus-chart | 3D Systems Corporation quote

As a result, the company has extended its business processes to meet the growing demand in various industries. For example, sectors like automotive, consumer products, government and defense, industrial / commercial machinery, educational research and others (arts and architecture) are likely to drive demand for products from 3d printing. Apart from this, the aerospace and multi-billion dollar oil and gas industries also show a penchant for 3D printing, which will fuel the growth of the company in the days to come.

In addition, 3D Systems made acquisitions to diversify its offerings, add synergistic technology and extend the company’s domain expertise into operating markets. The company has already secured an important foothold in sectors such as manufacturing, medical and aerospace, while pursuing unconventional sectors such as food and fashion. 3D Systems expects its innovative product portfolio to generate organic growth of over 30% over the next two years, thereby increasing the company’s margins and profits.

With the boom in the 3D printing industry, the company’s concentration in this market presents a favorable long-term opportunity. In fact, the majority of 3D Systems customers are moving from prototyping to final production, using 3D printing technology, and the company believes it is well positioned to support their transformation. He predicts that strong demand for production printers, materials and software will continue to be a key enabler in the days to come.

Zacks rank and actions to consider

3D Systems currently has a Zacks Rank # 3 (Hold).

Top ranked stocks in the broader tech sector include Microsoft MSFT, Cadence Design Systems CDNS, and NVIDIA NVDA, all carrying a Zacks rank of 2, at present. You can see The full list of Zacks # 1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks today here.

The long-term profit growth rate for Microsoft, Cadence Design and NVIDIA is currently set at 11.1%, 11.7% and 17.7%, respectively.

Technological IPOs with huge profit potential: Last year, major IPOs jumped 299% in the first two months. With record amounts of cash flowing in IPOs and a record stock market, this year could be even more lucrative.

View Zacks Hottest Tech IPOs Now >>

Click to get this free report

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Free Stock Analysis Report

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA): Free Inventory Analysis Report

3D Systems Corporation (DDD): Free Inventory Analysis Report

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (CDNS): Free Inventory Analysis Report

To read this article on, click here.

Zacks investment research

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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11 jewelry brands you can buy from Nordstrom Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

It’s no secret that if you want to tick off the majority of the items on your shopping list, whether it’s a new pair of jeans for fall, a new winter coat, from the perfect housewarming gift or even home decor, you can do it all in one fell swoop at Nordstrom. The iconic department store is full of a wide variety of offerings (all of the best taste) across almost every category, so naturally the same goes for fine jewelry offerings.

Yes, you can also shop for top notch and exquisite shopping from a host of fine jewelry brands at Nordstrom, ranging from classics like David Yurman and Fred Leighton to contemporary hits like Spinelli Kilcollin. And the list? It’s always evolving. Here, the best jewelry brands available to buy from Nordstrom right now.

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David Yurman

The iconic New York jeweler is known for its signature design: the cable, which is woven into all Yurman collections.



The family-owned Brazilian fine jewelry brand is known for its elegant and vibrant embellishments on pieces made with natural diamonds and gemstones sourced from Brazilian mines.


David webb

Another decidedly modern New York jeweler known for their distinct bracelets and cuffs, head-turning necklaces, Maltese crosses, and innovative use of pearls, diamonds and even rock crystals.



Exquisite engagement rings and modern diamonds are the name of the Kwiat game.



The playful designs of the Italian jeweler are known for their vibrant bursts of color with uniquely cut stones.


St Clare Temple

Evoke the whimsy of the cosmos with a distinct gold coin featuring colorful gemstones from Temple St. Clair.



Above all else, Mikimoto is known for her pearls and has been for over 120 years now.


Spinelli Kilcollin

Designed by a husband and wife duo, interlocking rings that can be worn layered or across your hand are the brand’s calling card.



Playful pops of color and a whimsical design are the calling card for Ippolita’s fun and fashionable fine jewelry.


Fred leighton

Want to tell a stylish story with a gemstone? Take a look at iconic designs by Fred Leighton.


De Beers Forevermark

De Beers is known the world over for its exquisite natural diamonds and a staple for engagement jewelry.

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How Ian Charms Became One of Dua Lipa’s Favorite Jewelry Brands – WWD Fri, 27 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

When Lisa Sahakian found out that she would no longer be paid overtime at her job, she decided to pursue a side business to earn more money.

She started making charm necklaces for her boyfriend, then her friends, and finally her friends’ friends.

Although she had no background in jewelry making – she barely wore much of it – Sahakian managed to create charm bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, largely inspired by the humor and pop culture symbols. She decided to call him “Ian Charms”, as an ode to her Armenian heritage, as many Armenian surnames end with “ian”.

“It was so spontaneous. The timing was so crazy, because charm jewelry wasn’t a thing, and it happened right when I was doing it, ”Sahakian told WWD. “I was just doing things that I wanted to wear. Luckily our first customers were our friends and we redid theirs three times and then we got the hang of it. We had just discovered it as we went along.

Sahakian, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, slowly started making her charm jewelry last September, with her boyfriend, largely creating custom orders for customers. She posted pieces she had made on Instagram and sold them through the app.

Eventually, her designs landed on the Post Malone stylist’s radar, although the rapper never ended up wearing the piece she made for him. But Ian Charms caught the eye of another prominent name in Lorenzo Posocco, who stylized Dua Lipa. So, Sahakian ended up creating not a personalized necklace for the British singer, but several, including one with a pendant of her dog.

“I worked with her stylist to make all of these customs for her and she wore them every few days and posted a story thanking me,” Sahakian said. “So that’s what really got off the ground. She does it with so many small businesses. I have so much respect for an artist who knows what she is doing and is helping. So she was so important. Even now, when she wears one, I’m just as excited.

After Dua Lipa wore her necklace, more and more celebrities began to don Sahakian’s necklaces and bracelets. Her jewelry has been seen on celebrities like Pete Davidson, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, Madison Beer, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Lorde and most recently Olivia Rodrigo in her music video for “Brutal”.

Sahakian’s jewelry is colorful and fun, unique charms reminiscent of the early 2000s, as well as pendants with well-known figures in pop culture. Some of them include Kris Jenner, Robert Pattinson, Lil Nas X, and even Judge Judy. Her main source of inspiration is based on what she would wear personally and “what’s going on in pop culture that [they] find it really funny.

“Having a sense of irony and humor is super important. So these little pendants that we make, I think these definitely made us stand out,” Sahakian said. found it funny… even the neutral pieces, I feel like I almost had to make up for that neutrality by being a lot crazier and having some really weird beads, like teeth or whatever. “

In February, Sahakian finally quit her job as a development assistant in the entertainment industry to work full time on Ian Charms. Until now, the company’s two full-time employees have been herself and her boyfriend, although they also have a few part-time employees.

In March, she also closed her requests for personalized jewelry as they started to pile up and she had to catch up with three months of orders, which was one of the biggest challenges they faced as a business.

“I can’t create customs for everyone, so we had to close them,” Sahakian said. “But it’s a bit special, because it’s all limited edition, basically. When it’s depleted it usually doesn’t replenish and if you want, get it when it’s available.

Sahakian always tries to navigate the logistics of managing Ian Charms, especially when working with others to make sure they don’t take advantage of a small business.

Ian Charms always offers new pieces every Friday at noon, but they tend to sell out within hours. Next month, Sahakian aims to work on clothes.

“I think the advantage of having no idea what you’re doing is that we don’t really put any limits on it. So we’re still finding a brand voice and everything, ”Sahakian said. “We talked about making housewares or collaborating with artists or brands that we think are really cool and that fit the aesthetic. We’re really open to anything, but I think clothes will be a huge part of it and jewelry will always be a big part of it for sure.

Going forward, Sahakian hopes to continue making fun ‘wacky’ jewelry and stay true to creating designs that are humorous and relevant to pop culture.

“I always want people to feel involved in the joke. I feel like there are a lot of people who wouldn’t have a sense of humor and that’s okay, it’s not for everyone, ”Sahakian said. “We want to keep it super organized and always in a limited edition. We never really want to do it for the masses. I think that will always be our guide.


Design theory: How Mirror Palais found inspiration in nostalgia and success during the lockdown

Design Theory: How Boys Lie Became a Coveted Loungewear Brand

Design Theory: How Up Next Designer Finds The Next Biggest New In Fashion

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See the winning piece of the GIA jewelry design competition Mon, 23 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000 Carlsbad, California — The Gemological Institute of America has announced the latest recipient of the Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation Award for Excellence in Jewelry Design.

Usually unveiled at the start of the year at the Tucson Gem Fairs, those involved came together this year virtually at the GIA’s “Knowledge Rocks Week: Spring Into Color” to celebrate the Belle Sin Ting Wong award. .

Over 100 students took part in the fourth edition of the design competition, whose entries were presented in their original hand-rendered format, accompanied by statements addressing the materials used and the inspiration behind each piece.

Nine finalists from seven GIA campuses were chosen, whose work was then evaluated by peers, professors and a jury.

Wong, who obtained her jewelry design certificate from GIA Hong Kong, won with the brooch seen at the top of the article, inspired by Siamese fighting fish.

The coin features yellow and white gold, diamond, enamel, jadeite, pearl and sapphire.

“I wanted to draw attention to environmental awareness with this piece… If we continue our toxic lifestyles and don’t use sustainable products, we could be very close to losing these beautiful creatures and speeding up the process. rate of global warming, ”she said.

Many of her pieces are about storytelling, GIA said, adding that she aims to create objects that represent connections to others. Her jewelry collection called “The Moment”, for example, uses children’s toys as a metaphor for building relationships through play.

The Gianmaria Buccellati Foundation Award for Excellence in Jewelry Design was established in 2018 to recognize outstanding design talents among GIA students.

A full interview with Wong is also available on YouTube.

The 2021 competition is ongoing and open to students of GIA jewelry design courses who meet the eligibility requirements.

For more information, visit

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Specialized in high quality jewelry manufacturer l Sat, 14 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

MISHELL began by thinking long and hard about what beauty means. Traditional jewelry has contributed to a controlled image of women to make them more passive. But beauty cannot be defined by others. It is created by oneself. MISHELL jewelry seeks to become a language that expresses the beauty of women confident that each woman has her own beauty.

MISHELL has been in contact with many buyers around the world participating in many exhibitions every year. Many of the great brand designers and buyers who discover these exhibits have inspired them to create more varied and playful designs. Through this process, MISHELL has continued to explore new designs that break the mold of traditionalism.

The music of the 70s, the surreal works of art, the architecture of the Roman era, the rainbow colors of the dawn in the night sky of the island – all of these served as inspiration for jewelry design. The MISHELL design team likes to add a bit of detail for an elaborate finish, which is a hallmark style of MISHELL jewelry.

MISHELL jewelry is created with the collaboration of many skilled artisans in Korea. In addition to technicians who specialize in high quality design, those with extensive knowledge of stone plating, casting and setting work hard to bring out the best in Korean craftsmanship for MISHELL jewelry. MISHELL takes great pleasure and pride in working with these many skilled craftsmen and technicians to create their designs.
And all MISHELL jewelry is made in a SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified factory to comply with European REACH regulations. All MISHELL jewelry is Nickel, Cadmium and Leas free.

As the jewelry market undergoes rapid change, MISHELL has established itself with a precise understanding of market trends to create new value based on high end sophistication and minimalism. They are engaged in a partnership that can bring mutual benefits to all parties involved.

MISHELL can make customers and buyers to make their own design in 2 weeks. It will get big once it is personalized by MISHELL.


MISHELL began by thinking long and hard about what beauty means. Traditional jewelry has contributed to a controlled image of women to make them more passive.

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27 black jewelry designers to watch Fri, 06 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Djeneba Aduayom

The jewels are always staff. Whether it’s a heirloom passed down from generation to generation or a necklace you wear every day, there is nothing in fashion like jewelry to make you feel like yourself. . So when it comes to showcasing yourself and supporting brands, go for aiming even higher with a more inclusive jewelry box. Supporting black artists is and always will be important, and with designers like Mateo’s Matthew Harris inlaying gemstones with diamond monograms and Areeayl Goodwin’s Beads Byaree celebrating black joy and taking the fashion industry by storm. (and Solange’s wardrobe), so it’s easier than ever to do. Coming up, 27 black jewelry brands to buy now and always.

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Ode to founder Morgan Thomas’ mother, Yam’s pieces are all handmade in Queens, New York. The nostalgia-focused line features gold-plated metals offset by playful charms like blown glass hearts.




Led by designer Sade Mims, EDAS has everything you need if you love aesthetics. Think durable household items, luxurious handbags, and most notably, eclectic handcrafted jewelry.




If these ‘VOTE’ necklaces sound familiar to you, it’s because you’ve seen them on none other than Michelle Obama’s neckline. Suffice it to say, designer and creative director Chari Cuthbert creates with purpose.




Although Matthew Harris was born in Jamaica, he cut his teeth in New York’s jewelry district and is now leading the way as one of the city’s top modern designers. With the jewelry worn by Rihanna, Solange and Zendaya, everything he touches turns (literally) into gold, diamonds and gems.



Omi wood

Omi Woods is on a mission not only to create future inspired legacies of the African diaspora, but also to empower everyone involved, from minors to potential carriers. Using fair trade gold and workers protected by fair wages and community outreach, designer Ashley Alexis McFarlane aims and succeeds in producing jewelry that matters.



Third crown

For starters, Third Crown is backed by Beyoncé herself. Founders and co-designers Kristin and Kofi Essel put their love and industry experience directly into their exquisite products, with heavy geometric shapes and gender neutral pieces.



Valerie Madison

For romantic jewelry that merges traditional cuts with a modern trend, consider jewelry from Valerie Madison. Pay special attention to her personalized engagement rings, which feature unexpected touches like salt and pepper diamonds and rose-cut gemstones.



Byaree Beads

Supported by Solange and Tracee Ellis Ross (who wore Beads Byaree on SHEdigital cover August 2020), Areeayl Goodwin’s brand is quickly becoming a household name. She marries fantasy and power, evoking an emotional response to her imaginative jewelry. The only thing more magical would be to get your hands on a coin, as her designs are constantly out of print.



Johnny nelson

Johnny Nelson says his jewelry is “eye-catching conversation pieces.” The topic of discussion? Everything from black history to hip-hop to spirituality, with direct references to Harriet Tubman and the Wu-Tang Clan.




The gold standard in Auvere is just that: pure, unadulterated gold. In 2016, Gina Love (a former real estate lawyer) and Steven Feldman founded Auvere on the assumption that all their jewelry would be 22 or 24 karat gold only, so the metal really shines.



Oma the label

If you’re the gold-only type, check out Oma the Label. The brand excels at modernizing chains, rings and even classic body jewelry, all in your favorite metal.



We dream in color

Fortune favors the bold, and that can be said in particular of Jade Gedeon, the creative mastermind behind We Dream in Color. Her collection isn’t for the faint hearted, but it’s easy to fall in love with her technicolor earrings, oversized necklaces, and designs designed to make you smile.



Harwell godfrey

Based in the Bay Area of ​​California, the premium jewelry of founder Lauren Harwell Godfrey speaks to your soul. She designs to heal, using 18k gold, luxuriously detailed enamel inlays and a special use of color to protect wearers with symbolic coins.



Marcia Vidal

Think of Marcia Vidal’s jewelry as talismans. Her handmade silver and gold jewelry is the kind you can’t imagine taking off. With the proceeds from every purchase benefiting the Choose Love nonprofit, it’s hard not to wear your heart around your neck.



Octave jewelry

Founder Ope Omojola’s pieces are wearable works of art. With each hand-cut stone, her jewelry showcases her raw materials and, by default, enhances your entire look.



White space

True fans will definitely love Khadijah Fulton’s line, White Space. The designer created the Vrai bridal collection, but her own label is decidedly more delicate, with items like baroque pearls and curvy earrings that curl along the ear.



Lingua Nigra

Alicia Goodwin’s Lingua Nigra “draws inspiration from nature, with an emphasis on ancient talismans, Victorian-era work, and sentimental mourning jewelry.” The songs speak for themselves.




SOKO puts people first. The jeweller’s and technology company empowers Kenyan artisans by providing them with a technology platform that connects them to global markets. In other words, SOKO directly reaches its craftsmen via a mobile application, thus eliminating the middleman. The designs themselves are modern and ideal for everyday use.



Angely Martinez

If your taste for jewelry is more specialized, check out Angely Martinez, whose work draws on an avant-garde aesthetic with touches of Baroque Rococo art.



Bernard Jacques

All jewelry does not have to be in the “classic” or “performance” category. Case in point: Bernard James, with pieces ranging from flower-studded Cuban link chains to mixed-metal bracelets, is an understated combination of the two. (Editor’s note: James’s dog wears a personalized chain as shown on SHE.)



Ubuntu life

Founded in 2011 by Pastors Jeremiah Kuria and Zane Wilemon, Ubuntu Life originally partnered with nine moms in Kenya to help produce household items that would support them financially. The following year, the brand grew and began working with Maasai artisans from the Ngong Hills, who used their traditional beadwork knowledge to create beautiful bracelets. Ubuntu Life has continued to grow, but its focus of supporting communities and providing sustainable jobs has never changed.




Shayba Muhammad’s poetic brass jewelry is both sensual and meditative. Her designs encourage you to be intentional in your jewelry choices, whether with an elegant choker or a pair of twisted hoops. “I want women to feel at home with Mahnal,” she says.




With stints at Narciso Rodriguez and Barney’s, Jameel Mohammed is an emerging design talent with a bright future. Khiry’s alluring pieces range from voluptuous curves to Horus pendants and exquisite personalized jewelry, so we expect to see more of him soon.



The Enchanter

The Buyer is the kind of jewelry you must tag in your grid post, otherwise your comments section will be inundated with “where did you find this” questions. Founded by identical twins Dynasty and Soull Ogun and inspired by science, religion, mythology, magic and fairy tales, even the brand’s quietest designs speak volumes.



Taylor nikole

Get noticed in Taylor Nikole jewelry. Her handcrafted sculptural earrings merge art and fashion and will ensure at least three compliments by wear. Above all, the pieces really arouse joy.



Theresia Kyalo

Experimental in nature and handcrafted in Nairobi, Kenya, Theresia Kyalo’s pieces shake up what we think of as jewelry. Its beautiful custom metalwork is truly a sight to see (and wear).



Fortuitous project

Jewelry doesn’t have to be serious, and founder Sydney Ziems and her brand Serendipitous Project will surely cheer you up. Her colorful, conceptual designs are like a DIY project that has worked well, with items like sculpted turquoise rings dazzled with gemstones and seashell barrettes.


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Kate Middleton’s favorite jewelry brands are on sale at Nordstrom – but only until Sunday Fri, 06 Aug 2021 07:00:00 +0000

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Kate Middleton wearing one of her must-have jewelry brands, Monica Vinader (Photos via Getty Images)

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share of purchases made through the links on this page. Prices and availability are subject to change.

When it comes to Kate Middleton’s jewelry collection, it can be difficult to focus on anything other than her iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring, which once belonged to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

However, much like the sneakers and sunglasses she is regularly photographed in, the Duchess of Cambridge has a soft spot for surprisingly affordable jewelry.

One moderately priced brand that the 39-year-old comes back to time and time again is Monica Vinader. Middleton has been a fan of the ethical jewelry brand for many years, wearing Monica Vinader pieces on royal visits to France, the UK and Canada.

Luckily, a handful of Monica Vinader coins are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. From the brand’s luxurious diamond necklaces and rings to its moderately priced metal accessories, Nordstrom buyers can save hundreds of dollars on the Kate Middleton-endorsed brand by August 8, when the Nordstrom sale shoots up. at its end.

To see some of Monica Vinader’s more affordable accessories, shop our picks below.

Monica Vinader Alta Textured Link Bracelet in Rose Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Alta Textured Link Bracelet in Rose Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

The details

This delicate Monica Vinader bracelet is crafted from high quality sterling silver or 18k gold plated sterling silver.

The delicate chain link accessory has a textured finish and is available in three styles: rose gold, yellow gold and silver.

ALSO LOOK AT: Kate Middleton impresses with her polka dots and a pair of her $ 188 Ray-Ban sunglasses at Wimbledon

By Sunday August 8, Nordstrom buyers can take advantage of the remaining days of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and save 34% on the bracelet before it reverts to its regular retail price of C $ 175 / US $ 135.

It is light and elegant

Nordstrom buyers describe the piece as “light and elegant” and say “it looks better in person.”

“I walked into my local Nordstrom to browse and noticed this bracelet. After trying it on, I couldn’t leave without buying it,” one user wrote. “It’s neither too thin nor too thick. Rose gold looks amazing. So glad I bought it.”

Monica Vinader Alta Textured Link Bracelet in Rose Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Alta Textured Link Bracelet in Rose Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

Buyers describe the textured metal design as “cool” and say the Monica Vinader bracelet is “small and delicate” and “looks like the weight of a feather.”

ALSO LOOK AT: Kate Middleton, Hailey Bieber and ‘Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston can’t stop wearing this affordable sneaker brand

However, several buyers noted that the bracelet was “too delicate” and fragile. “I feel like if I caught it on anything, I would mess it up,” according to one user.

The verdict

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a little Duchess-approved luxury, there’s no better time than the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to do so – just keep in mind that some reviews say jewelry is flimsy. .

To learn more about Kate Middleton’s Monica Vinader jewelry from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, shop our picks below.

Monica Vinader Nura Frontal Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Nura Frontal Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, $ 90 (originally $ 135)

Monica Vinader Engravable Havana Friendship Chain Bracelet in Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Engravable Havana Friendship Chain Bracelet in Gold (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, $ 116 (originally $ 175)/CA $ 151 (originally CA $ 230)

Monica Vinader Medium Riva Wave Diamond Hoop Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Medium Riva Wave Diamond Hoop Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, US $ 181 (originally $ 275)/CA $ 241 (originally CA $ 360)

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Click here to sign up for Yahoo Canada’s Lifestyle Newsletter.

Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pendant Necklace (photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Fiji Diamond Pendant Necklace (photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, US $ 181 (originally US $ 275)/CA $ 241 (originally CA $ 360)

Monica Vinader Talisman Heart-Shaped Engraving Pendant Necklace (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Talisman Heart-Shaped Engraving Pendant Necklace (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, $ 168 (originally $ 250)

Fiji Monica Vinader Diamond Friendship Ring (Photo via Nordstrom)

Fiji Monica Vinader Diamond Friendship Ring (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, US $ 231 (originally US $ 350)/CA $ 300 (originally CA $ 455)

Monica Vinader Mermaid Cluster Cocktail Ring (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Mermaid Cluster Cocktail Ring (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, US $ 181 (originally US $ 275)/CA $ 241 (originally CA $ 360)

Monica Vinader Nura Mini Diamond Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

Monica Vinader Nura Mini Diamond Earrings (Photo via Nordstrom)

TO BUY : Nordstrom, $ 296 (originally $ 450)

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Best affordable jewelry brands to buy in 2021 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 07:00:00 +0000

Scroll down to see more images

Ah, Instagram. This is where I find the majority of my fashion inspiration season after season. It is Phone a cold take to say that Instagram has had a huge effect on the way we shop, but I think it’s worth repeating here: this app is the place to be if you’re looking for some new pieces to buy this season –above all when it comes to jewelry. Sure, the celebrities and influencers we follow brag about a few expensive brands here and there, but there are also some very affordable jewelry brands that have gained popularity on the app over the past few years. Don’t worry, I’ve collected a ton of them here for you to buy.

Take Mejuri, for example. Being on Instagram is knowing (and loving) the Mejuri range of stunning 14k gold and gold vermeil jewelry. The best part about the influencer beloved brand, however, is the fact that none of their pieces will break the bank. They are right see super luxurious. Find a brand that sells timeless pieces at a real priceaffordable price is really the ideal situation if you are a jewelry totalizer. I want to say, collector.

But, if you already own half of Mejuri’s website and are looking to expand your jewelry horizons in 2021, I’ve got you covered. I’ve found a bunch of choices all costing under $ 150 from brands like Luv Aj, Missoma, and Melinda Maria that you can buy right now. I’ve even included a set of cult brand STUDS earrings that take the guesswork out of getting the perfect #EarStack.

Keep scrolling and prepare to be amazed by all the affordable beauty you thought you had to splurge on. Read on and thank me later!

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to people, and we only offer products that we think you will love as much as we do. Mejuri is a sponsor of STYLECASTER, however, all products in this article have been independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link in this story, we may receive a small commission on the sale.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Mejuri.


Mejuri designs affordable high jewelry pieces that are meant to be worn (and loved) on a daily basis, like this Crescent Dome ring in gold vermeil. Stack it with one of their other dainty ring options for an eclectic look. Or choose from their range of high quality 14k gold coins for something that will last forever.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of the Aureum collective.

Aureum collective

Aureum Collective means ‘golden’ in Latin, but they also make pretty stellar silver jewelry – and this Bree bracelet is proof of that. All of the brand’s gold coins are plated in 24k gold, which means they can be both affordable and luxury.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Joey Baby.

Joey baby

If you’re looking for cute pearl jewelry, consider New York label Joey Baby. The brand’s range is inspired by the hustle and bustle of New York City and the luxurious Hong Kong lifestyle, making it a range of playful pieces you’ll want to wear every day. You can even customize the lettering on this Manifesting It! Necklace if fame is not really your vibe.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of BONBONWHIMS.


If you’re 100% here for colorful and bold jewelry this season, you need to check it out BONBONWHIMS. Even Ariana Grande is a fan of the brand’s range, with stars like this fuchsia pink rainbow lucky ring. If pink isn’t your color, feel free to pick a piece in another vibrant hue from the brand’s 90s-inspired collection.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Luv Aj.

Luv Aj

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably seen a Luv Aj track (or more) on your timeline. The influencer and the celebrity-adored brand have created a range of blingy AF pieces that won’t break the bank. Take, for example, this pair of Pave Carabiner Hoops.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Adina Jewelry.

Adina’s jewelry

Adina’s Jewels takes its name from the founder’s late grandmother, so it’s safe to say good design is family. The brand’s pieces are either sterling silver or 14k gold plated, so they’re affordable and won’t show any signs of aging as long as you take care of them, which is a good thing, as you’ll likely be wearing this ring in gold. gold every day.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Melinda Maria.

Melinda Maria

Here is a brand with a heart of gold. A portion of every Melinda Maria purchase is donated to a variety of charities that help support women around the world. And honestly, their range of super affordable jewelry is too amazing to pass up. This mismatched Pearl Charm Pave Huggie trendy set makes me feel kind of a way.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Daisy London.

Marguerite London

Cult British brand Daisy London has been making amazing yet affordable pieces since 2009. The range is designed for women by women, so you will fall in love with the collection in an instant. This bohemian-inspired Isal Shell Charm anklet is the perfect combination of beach and classic.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Missoma.


Missoma teamed up with mega influencers like Lucy Williams so I couldn’t not Mention them on this list of Instagram approved brands. Yes, some pieces in the brand’s range are a bit pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great deals on the site either! These Mini Claw Charm Hoop earrings are priced under $ 80 and are styled smaller for a fun hearing landscape.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of I’MMANY.


How cute are these red iridescent cherry dangling earrings? If you like them, you will soon become obsessed with I’MMANY, I promise. They specialize in fruit and flower inspired pieces, so you can’t make a bad choice when choosing something special with a natural, whimsical touch.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of STUDS.


Not only can you buy really cute earrings from STUDS, but you can also get your ears pierced at any store of the brand. If you’re not in the market for a new piercing, grab one of the brand’s earring packs instead. This Essential Gold pack is reduced to $ 94.50 from $ 126 right now.

Stylist |  Affordable jewelry brands

Courtesy of Mr.

The Jewelers M

New York-based brand The M Jewelers specializes in personalized pieces like nameplate necklaces and rings, but don’t sleep on their underrated line of simple chain jewelry. This ankle bracelet, for example, is a timeless classic that can spice up your favorite heels.

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